Agurchand Manmull Jain College

(A Unit of Sri. S. S. Jain Educational Society)(Affiliated to the University of Madras)
Meenambakkam, Chennai – 600 061.

Agurchand Manmull Jain College

(A Unit of Sri. S. S. Jain Educational Society)
(Affiliated to the University of Madras)
Meenambakkam, Chennai – 600 061.

Dept. of Commerce – Computer Applications

Department of Commerce Computer Applications

Welcome to the dynamic Department of Commerce with a specialization in Computer Applications at Agurchand Manmull Jain College. Our department is a thriving hub where the realms of commerce seamlessly blend with the power of computer science, preparing students for a future where technology and business go hand in hand.


Dr. S. P. Ravikumar

Assistant Professor

Ms. I .Karthika

Assistant Professor

Dr. J. Vijayalakshmi

Assistant Professor

Ms. R. Suguna

Assistant Professor

Mr. M. Narmadha

Assistant Professor

Ms. S. Keerthana

Assistant Professor

Dr. G. S. Dhviva

Assistant Professor

Dr. V. Varalakshmi

Assistant Professor

Dr. C. Babu

Assistant Professor

Ms. K.Mathumathi

Assistant Professor

Mr. A. B. Adithya

Assistant Professor

Ms. R. Nithya

Assistant Professor

Programmes Offered

B.Com Computer


Dr. Kuraloviyan. R - Department Facilitator
M.Com. M.Phil., NET,.Ph.D
Ms. Shankari. J
M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., SET., Ph.D

Key Highlights

Integrated Curriculum

Immerse yourself in a curriculum that seamlessly integrates commerce principles with the latest in computer applications, ensuring a well-rounded skill set.

Modern Labs

Explore, experiment, and innovate in our state-of-the-art computer labs equipped with cutting-edge technology, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Expert Faculty

Learn from seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights to the classroom, guiding you through the complexities of commerce and computer applications.

Real-world Projects

Dive into hands-on projects that bridge theory with practical application, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities in the evolving professional landscape.

Placement Focus

Benefit from our robust industry connections, ensuring access to internships and job placements, and setting you on the path to a successful career.

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, engage in extracurricular activities, workshops, and events designed to nurture leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, fostering holistic growth.

Embark on a transformative journey at the Department of Commerce with Computer Applications, where innovation meets tradition, and where you are prepared not just for a degree but for a thriving career in the digital age.

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