Welcome to AM Jain College, where education meets excellence. We are thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming academic year.

Welcome to Agurchand Manmull Jain College, where education meets excellence. We're thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming year.

Welcome to AM Jain College, where education meets excellence. We're thrilled to announce that admissions are now open for the upcoming year

About Us

Who We Are?

In 1952 Agurchand Manmull Jain College was established by the magnanimity and munificence of Padma shri Mohanmullji Chordia through the Sri. S. S. Jain Educational Society, at the Inspiration of her Holiness 
Shri. Sayar Kanwarji Maharaj. Shri. Sri Prakasa, the then Governor of Madras Presidency, performed the auspicious task of inauguration on the 25th of June 1952 at the Jain Boarding Home premises in Madley Road, T.Nagar, chennai.

The College got shifted to its new campus in Meenambakkam in 1954. That was indeed a very unique occasion in which two great educationalists, late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (the then Vice-President of India) and late Dr. A. Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Madras graced with their presence. The former laid the foundation stone and the latter presided over the function. The College celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1977 the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and the Diamand Jubilee in June 2012.

The College which started as a college for men was upgraded into a Co-educational institution in 2003. Today it is a frontline top ranking Research and Post Graduate institution. Working in two Shifts, in Shift – I there are three Research Departments – Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Post Graduate Courses in Commerce, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Mathematics and basic Graduate courses in eight major fields of study. 
Shift – II offers twenty-four undergraduate courses and four 
post graduate courses.


Our Founder: Padma Shri. Mohanmullji Chordia

Honoring a Legacy of Philanthropy and Service
Explore the remarkable journey of Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia, the visionary founder of AMJC, whose life was dedicated to humanity, education, and medical services.

Early Years

Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia, born on August 26, 1902, in a humble village in Rajasthan, embarked on a journey of philanthropy with no formal education. Adopted by Shri. Sohanmullji Chordia, he laid the foundation for his legacy of charitable contributions.

Establishment of Shri Agurchand Manmull Jain College

In 1952, expressing his desire to contribute to education, he played a pivotal role in founding Shri Agurchand Manmull Jain College, becoming its chief donor. His vision transformed the college into a premier educational institution.

Medical and Social Initiatives

Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia was a driving force behind the formation of the Shri Jain Medical Relief Society, actively supporting 13 dispensaries and maternity hospitals. He organized eye camps, constructed hospitals, and supported various social, religious, and educational institutions.

Padma Shri Recognition

In 1972, the Government of India honored his exemplary service with the Padma Shri Award, acknowledging his contributions to humanity, education, and medical services.

Legacy and Associations

Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia served numerous prestigious roles, including President of Shri S.S. Jain Educational Society and Life President of the A.M. Jain College Management Committee. His legacy lives on through various educational, medical, and welfare societies.

Final Years

Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia breathed his last in 1983, leaving behind a legacy of philanthropy and service. To honor his memory, a section of Mint St. in Chennai was named after him by the late Chief Minister Shri. M.G. Ramachandran.

Our Vision

To ensure and disseminate quality higher education that is affordable among all learners in general and among Jain students in particular.

Our Mission

To combine innovation in teaching and zest for learning and usher in academic excellence in every student.
To create and sustain a conducive teaching and learning ambiance for the realization of full potential in the teacher and taught.
To ignite and endow young minds with a deep sense of justice and fairplay, truth and non-violence, patriotism and service.

“Education is the manifestion of

perfection already in man”

– Swami Vivekananda 

According to the words of Swami Vivekananda, Agurchand Manmull Jain College provides quality higher education to enhance the skills and intellect of the students from wide spectrum of the society. Agurchand Manmull Jain College was established in the year 1952 by the magnanimity and munificence of Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia, through the Sri. S.S. Jain Educational Society, at the inspiration of his Holiness Shri Sayar Kanwarji Maharaj. It is one of the premier institutions in Chennai that celebrated its 75 years of existence, affiliated to the University of Madras.
The Founder and Chief Donor Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia’s vision of providing quality and affordable education to weaker sections of the society, in particular, and moulding the character and career of the younger generation has been the driving force of the college, Since its inception, the college has been catering to diverse higher educational needs of different sections of the student community.
The Institution became co-educational since the academic year 2003 – 2004 to empower girl students and to ensure equal opportunities for them in all walks of economic and social life. 
Shift – I of the college 8 UG courses, 5 PG courses and offers full time Research Courses in Economics and Physics.​

Shift-II, which came into existence as Evening College in 1972, has today FIVE schools or branches of learning with 24 under graduate and 4 Post –Graduate degree courses. The School of Commerce offers 7 under graduate 1 post Graduate degree programme.
The School of Business Administration offers 1 under graduate course and the School of Arts offers 1 under graduate and 1 post Graduate course. While the School of Science includes 6 under graduate and 2 post graduate degree course, the School of Communication and Media Studies has 3 under graduate and 1 post graduate programme. Situated ideally in the immediate proximity of the Meenambakkam Railway Station on the Beach – Tambaram BG Line and the National Highway, the College provides a peaceful academic atmosphere for fruitful Learning. The lush green gardens with serene, pollution-free environment, the spacious, airy, and well-furnished smart classrooms in the main building, Sardarmal Chordia Block, Annex and Viscom Blocks, the well-stacked computerized libraries, and the Computer Centre with internet facility pave the wave for the attainment of great academic standards, In addition, there are facilities for co-curricular and extra- curricular activities that enrich the personality of the students.

A vast number of alumni of the college occupy great positions in diverse spheres of economic and social life, including business, industry, judiciary and academics. The institution is committed to the Principles of Sathya, Dharma and Ahimsa. A student who dedicates himself/herself to these principles and who is totally focused and committed in all his/her thought and deed, is sure to leave the portals of the institution as a fully-grown value- based adult with the right employable skills.

Through the Years: Tracing Our Journey

Founded in 1952 through the philanthropy of Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia, Agurchand Manmull Jain College is a beacon of quality higher education. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s vision, the institution, affiliated to the University of Madras, has been a beacon of quality education for 70+ years. Padma Shri Mohanmullji Chordia’s commitment to providing affordable education to all, especially the weaker sections of society, has been the driving force.

Over the years, the college has evolved into a co-educational institution, emphasizing equal opportunities for all. With two shifts, the college offers a diverse range of programs, including 24 undergraduate and 4 postgraduate degree courses. The institution’s serene campus, well-equipped classrooms, computerized libraries, and facilities for co-curricular activities create an ideal environment for academic excellence. Today, as a leading research and postgraduate institution, we nurture students with employable skills and uphold the principles of Sathya, Dharma, and Ahimsa.


Formation of Sri S. S. Jain Educational Society


His Excellency Sri. Prakasa, the then Governor of Madras, formally inaugurated the college. The college had a humble beginning in Jain Boarding Home, T.Nagar Chennai.


The college with its First Grade Status shifted to its permanent building in Meenambakkam. The foundation stone of the Main building at Meenambakkam was laid by Dr. Sri. S. Radhakrishnan, the then Vice-President of India, while Sri. A. Lakshmanasamy Mudaliar, Vice Chancellor of the Madras University, presided over the function.


Hostel was opened in the college campus with 100 inmates.


Foundation stone of Shri. B.M Kumbhat Memorial Block was laid by Shri. A. Lakshmanasamy Mudaliar, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras. Foundation stone of Shri. Somasundara Reddiar Hostel was laid by Hon. Shri K. Kamraj, Chief Minister of Madras.


Shri. B.M. Kumbhat Memorial Block was opened by Shri. Ghanshyamdas Birla.


Shift System was introduced in the College.


N. S. S unit of the College started functioning.


The shift system was rechristened as Evening College. The first Post Graduate courses – M.Com and M.Sc. Mathematics came into being.


The institution became a full-fledged Under Graduate and Post Graduate College.


Library block was opened by His Excellency Shri. Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor of Tamilnadu.


Silver Jubilee of A.M. Jain College celebrated. Silver Jubilee celebrations were inaugurated by His Excellency Shri Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor of Tamilnadu.


Upgraded to a Research Institute.


Bhagwan Mahaveer Gyan Bhavan was opened by His Excellency Sardar Gyani Zail Singh, President of India.


Inauguration of Mohanmull Chordia Jain Industrial Training Centre by His Excellency Sri. R. Venkatraman,Vice President of India.


The Main Building was converted into a square shape


Computer Centre was started with 50 Computers.


Diamond Jubilee Year. Foundation stone for the Construction of the School Main Block (1,07,100 sq.ft.) was laid by Sri. Parasmullji Chordia.Padma Shri. Mohanmullji Chordia Book Bank Scheme was launched to benefit deserving students. Further paver road for an area of 14800 sq.ft. laid in the College.Main Entrance Arch with Security Room made available. Computer lab was fully revamped with 6 labs and new interiors having 370 Computers with high-end servers and printers with online UPS of 174.5 KVA to augment the needs of the increasing strength of the College.


Bhagwan Mahaveer Gyan Bhawan Auditorium was renovated with Air conditioners, a Projector, a Green Room and an additional staircase.Visual Communication Lab with an Editing Studio, Drawing Studio, Shooting Floor, and Dubbing Station was made available in the basement of the Gyan Bhavan. (12330 sq.ft.) Remodeling of Old Library on the First Floor into 4 Class rooms and 1 Staff Room (6300 sq.ft.)


New State-of-the-Art Visual Communication Block was inaugurated on Founders Day and the Foundation Stone was laid for the Girls Hostel Ground and First Floor (8480 sq.ft.) and Indoor Stadium (11250 sq.ft.).Old renovated to Annex Block (34890 sq.ft.) with 24 Classrooms, 7 Staff Rooms, with Electronics and Communication Lab, Drawing Lab, IDD Lab, Textile Lab, Printing and Dyeing, and Micro Processor Lab. Hostel Ground. NAAC Reacredited.


Solar Panels were installed on the Roof of the Main Block to supplement the power supply. The Renovated Boys Hostel on Campus became functional in June 2016. It can accommodate 150 Boys. Construction of II Floor in Annex Building (14380 sq.ft.) with 10 Classrooms, 2 Staff Rooms and 1 Seminar Hall. Administrative Block in School constructed (17520 sq.ft.) with Secretary room, Conference Hall, Principal Room, Reception, Office Room, Store Rooms on Ground Floor, 6 Class Rooms and 1 Staff Room each on First and Second Floor. Construction of 2 ITI Blocks (21480 sq.ft.) A-Block housing the Principal’s Room, Office Room, 4 Labs, on the Ground Floor & 4 Class Rooms, 1 Lab, 1 Library, Audio Visual and Placement Cell on the mezzanine floor. B-Block housing 2 Labs on the Ground Floor, 2 Classrooms, a Tool Room, a Store Room, and an Exam Room on the mezzanine Floor. Certified by AGQR with ISO 9001: 2008


Remodeling, and designing of the existing Industrial Training Centre for Kinder Garden Students. Pre-KGBlock (4370 sq.ft.) with 6 classrooms. LKG Block (8630 sq.ft.) with 7 classrooms, Audio Visual Room, Staff Room, and UKG Block with 12 classrooms was constructed. School Playgrounds were established, a Compound Wall was constructed, and Food court was made available. Construction of New Block behind the Kumbhat Block was started (77694 sq.ft.) on Ground, First and Second Floors. 54 Classrooms with 9 staff rooms and restrooms were made available. SEED (Students Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Cell) was inaugurated and two outlets were opened. KSHEERA SAGAR – an Aavind Franchise and PUSTAK BHARTI – the Stationery Shop.


Ladies Hostel II Floor (4240 sq. ft) with 9 rooms was constructed. Renovation and Extension of Food Court (8524 sq.ft.).Inauguration of A.M. Jain Health Centre.


Ladies Hostel III Floor & Terrace (8480 sq.ft.) on the Hall to be used as indoor sports as well as recreation are for the inmates development was made available.The III Floor and terrace of Ladies Hostel (8480 sq.ft.) were transformed into a dedicated space for indoor sports and recreation, fostering holistic development for the inmates. NAAC Reaccredited.Inauguration of Agurchand Manmull Jain Literacy Program – as a CSR activity to train the local uneducated elders by the students of the College. Inauguration of Agurchand Manmull Jain Sports Academy to train College and school Students in overall development in Sports.

Sri Swetamber Stanakwasi Jain Educational Society
(From 2024-2027)

Sri. Padamchand Chordia


Sri. Hastimull Chowdhari

Vice – President

Sri. Abhaya Kumar Srisrimal Jain

Hon. Secretary General

Sri. Mahendra Dadha

Joint Secretary

Sri. T. Kailash Chand Chordia


Governing Body

Management Committee

Shri. Udhan Kumar Chordia


Shri. Hemant Chordia

Associate Secretary

Committee Members

Shri. Bhavanesh Kumar Deora

Shri. Deepak Srisrimal

Shri. Gyan Jain

Shri. Hemanth Dugar

Shri. Narendra Marlecha

Shri. Narendra Nahar

Shri. Pannalal Chordia

Shri. Prakashchand Bohra

Shri. Sanjay Bhandari

Shri. Surendra Kumar Gadiya

Shri. Vijay Kumar Jain

Shri. Padamchand Chordia

Hon. President SSJES (Ex-Officio)

Shri. Abhaya Kumar Srisrimal

Hon. Secretary General SSJES (Ex-Officio)

Dr. N. Venkataramanan


Dr. Utham Kumar Jamadhagni

University Nominee

Committee Members

Shri. Vijay Kumar Jain

Shri. Sanjay Bhandari

Shri. Narendra Nahar

Shri. Bhavanesh Kumar Deora

Shri. Surendra Kumar Gadiya

Sri. P. Sureshchand Chordia

Sri. Sumit Bothra

Shri. Hemanth Dugar

Shri. Pannalal Chordia

Sri. Narrindar Chordia

Shri. Deepak Srisrimal

Sri. Siddharth Galada

Dr. N. Venkataramanan


Dr. Utham Kumar Jamadhagni

University Nominee

Guiding the Way
Our Principal and Dean

Dr. B. Mahavir


Dr. M. M. Ramya


Guiding the Way
Our Principal and Dean

Dr. B. Mahavir




Dr. M. M. Ramya



Dr. S. Ananathakrishnan

Dr. Annadanam Madhu

Dr. V. Easwaran

Dr. R. Elangovan

Dr. Harold P Nirmal Kumar

Mr. T. Madhavan

Dr. S. Manikandan

Dr. V.S. Murali

Ms. V. Radha

Dr. S. Rajesh

Mr. A. Ramadass

Dr. S. Ravikumar

Dr. A. Sharmila

Dr. R. Sujatha

Dr. Lt. G. Mahveer

Staff Representative

Mr. J. Ravichandran



Vice Principal

Dr. N. Venkataramanan


Dr. R. Surekha

Deputy Dean

Affiliation & Accreditations

The College is affiliated to the University of Madras and is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

The AMJC Edge

  • Infrastructure: Spend your formative years in a 40-acre campus with eco-friendly, contemporary structures, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.
  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from seasoned experts dedicated to your intellectual growth and success.
  • Student-Centric Campus: Enjoy a supportive atmosphere with personalized academic support and diverse extracurricular activities.
  • Career Opportunities: Empowering you with excellent industry collaborations, internships, and placement programs.
  • Fostering Research: Fuel your curiosity in a culture of research and innovation.
  • Successful Alumni: Join the ranks of accomplished graduates who have excelled in various fields.

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