Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Water Conservation Transportation Green Policies and Governance Paperless offices Environmental Education and Awareness Waste Reduction, Segregation and Recycling Source Segregation of waste Art from waste Climate Action Month - July 2023 Zero waste carnival No plastics less than 50 microns ‘Aadaidhanam’ Scheme Green skills in Tourism Organic vegetable farming and herbal gardens Sustainable Landscaping

Energy Efficiency

Implementing energy-efficient practices and utilizing appliances such as LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Event

Installing solar panels to generate clean and sustainable energy on campus.

Water Conservation

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Installing water-saving fixtures and systems like faucet aerators, water sensors, and rainwater harvesting to minimize water usage.


Encouraging the use of public transportation and providing alternative transportation options (e-scooters and buggies) for estate management. 

Green Policies and Governance

Developing and implementing institutional policies prioritizing sustainability and guiding decision-making processes.

Paperless offices

Implementing paperless practices in administrative, academic and financial activities with the support of digital platforms.

Environmental Education and Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Offering sustainability-focused academic programs and organizing awareness campaigns to empower the campus community. 

Waste Reduction, Segregation and Recycling

Waste Reduction

Proper segregation and disposal of waste as per government norms to promote recycling and reduce environmental impact.

Source Segregation of waste

Source Segregation

Organizing campus cleaning programs to mobilize students and staff in segregating waste at its source, contributing to the 'Art from Waste' initiative.

Art from waste

Art from Waste

Hosting mega events focused on upcycling solid waste materials to raise awareness about waste management among the college community.

Climate Action Month - July 2023

Climate Day

Collaborating with CAG, a non-profit, non-political and professional organization to organize a month-long series of programs, competitions, and expert talks to raise awareness about environmental degradation and to promote alternative and sustainable practices among the student population by engaging and empowering them. 

Zero waste carnival

Event Image

Organizing events to promote zero waste lifestyles and encourage entrepreneurship in waste reduction.

No plastics less than 50 microns

Implementing composting initiatives and waste reduction campaigns to minimize plastic waste.

‘Aadaidhanam’ Scheme

Aadaidhanam Scheme

Donating clothes - Partnering with Rajasthan Cosmo Club Foundation to donate gently used clothes to those in need, reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability. 

Green skills in Tourism

Green Skills in Tourism

Launching initiatives to impart green skills and promote sustainable tourism practices among students.

Organic vegetable farming and herbal gardens

Organic Herbal

Engaging students in farming initiatives to promote sustainable food production on campus.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Campus

Maintaining green spaces with native plants and eco-friendly landscaping practices to conserve water and promote biodiversity.