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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell under the auspices of Agurchand Manmull Jain College was established as per the recommendation of NAAC in 2006. As a post-accreditation quality sustenance  measure, the IQAC forms an integral part of the institution’s system. IQAC aims to create an institution-wide synergy imbibing the constituent efforts and feedback of the stakeholders viz. the  teaching, the students, alumni, parents and others to generate, enhance and sustain quality. The focus will be on the following areas as envisaged by NAAC: 

  • Curricular development 

  • Teaching and Learning 

  • Research 

  • Extension Activities 

  • Infrastructure 

  • Student Support and Services 

  • Governance and Management 

  • Innovation and promotion of Best Practices  


1.To develop into an institute of excellence  

2.To impart Quality as the Chief initiatives among all stake holders 

3.To capitalize and strengthen earlier initiatives to concrete efforts for the future. 

Mission :

1.Structure the growth and quality in an active categorical and planned manner. 

2. Create the ideal environs for the learner to achieve the best and motivate his/her improvement. 

3. Sustain the highest quality among the learner by initiating World Class exposure  

4. Prepare the learner to stand the test of quality in the sternest environment in Business, Government, 

Corporate and Academics. 

5. Inculcate the best practices for all stakeholders for the institution to be the best in Life.  




Objectives  :

1. To define quality parameters for the college. 

2. To work as catalyst for the overall academic and administrative improvement of the institution. 

3. To create a desire among the stakeholders for the pursuit of knowledge, to acquire the skills and 

achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research. 

4. To monitor the quality aspects of the institution. 

5. To undertake quality-related initiatives, consultancy and training programmes. 

6. To intervene and guide the departments wherever necessary for quality enhancement. 

7. The IQAC aims to adopt the quality parameters set by statutory agencies such as the UGC, 

NAAC, State Government and the University and used them to assess and assure that quality is maintained. 

Annuel Quality Assurance Report

National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College organised a National Seminar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) on the 10th October 2019 at Bhagwan Mahaveer Gyan Bhavan. The Chief Guest for the Inaugural Session was Shri. S. Thangapandian, Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs, Head of Office – DPIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.


The IQAC Coordinator Dr. V. Eswaran welcomed the gathering and briefed the audience about the purpose of the National Seminar. In his Presidential Address, the Principal Dr. N. Venkataramanan touched upon the importance and the relevance of IPR. The Chief Guest Shri. S. Thangapandian explained about the essence of the Intellectual Property Rights and traced its history. He underlined the need for spreading the awareness about IPR. He also elucidated how the Government facilitates in acquiring the Rights over Patents and Designs.


Session: I

‘Intellectual Property Rights: What? Why? How?’ was presented by Smt. Kasthuri Mohan, Assistant Controller, Head of Office – DPIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. She threw light on various preliminary aspects of the IPR, such as Copyrights, Designs and Patents.


Session: II

Dr. L. Vijai, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Government College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram spoke on ‘Intellectual Property Rights: An Academic Perspective’. He spoke at length about plagiarism and the do’s and dont’s involved in the research work that are essential in the academic domain, leading to Intellectual Property Rights. 

Session: III

‘Intellectual Property Rights: A Legal Prospects on Copyright and Patent’ was presented by Dr. S. Sahul Hameed, Associate Professor, P.G & Research Department of Corporate Secretaryship, Bharathidasan Government College for Women, Puducherry. He brought out all the significant aspects of Copyright and Patent from the legal angle.

Valedictory Session

Following the Vote of Thanks, the Principal distributed the certificates to the Resource Persons.

The National Seminar was attended by around six hundred participants (Teaching Faculty of shift-I and shift-II, Ph. D scholars, M. Phil and Post graduate students, members from other colleges).

Composition of IQAC 


Management Representatives:  

Shri. S. Udhan Kumar Chordia :   Secretary 

Shri. Hemanth  Chordia :   Associate Secretary 


Chairperson of the Head of the Institution: 

Dr. N. Venkataramanan : Principal 



1.Dr. B. Mahavir :   Associate Professor & Head  - Vice Principal -Shift - I 

2.Dr. S. Ananthakrishnan  : Associate Professor & Head 

3.Dr. V. Nalina : Assistant Professor 

4.Dr. P. Rajendra Prasad  : Assistant Professor 

5.Dr. T. Srinivasan : Assistant Professor 


Administrative and Technical Staff: 

1.Mr. J. Ravichandran  :  Superintendent –Selection Grade - Shift I 

2.Ms. Sangeetha Rajappa  :  Chief Manager – Shift II 




V. Kesava Raman  :  Student 



Mr. A.B. Adithya :  Alumnus 



Shri. Mahendra M. Dadha  : Industrialist 


Nominee from Local Society: 

Shri. Pannalal Chordia                                     


IQAC – Coordinator: 

Dr. V.S. Murali, 

Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics 

Team Members 


CO-ORDINATOR       :  Dr. V.S. MURALI,  Associate Professor and Head,  Department of Economics 

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