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Youth Red Cross

A substantial portion of the membership of Indian Red Cross Society is made up of young people. Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities through Red Cross youth programme. School and college are the best places to test students capabilities, and volunteerism is a vital part of education. Students discover opportunities for self-awareness, and develop leadership and organizational skills while meeting new people.








Joint Secretary









 The Youth Red Cross was inaugurated on 17th August, 2016 for the academic year 2016-2017 and having 124 volunteers.


The Youth Red Cross and the Red Ribbon Club of A.M.JAIN COLLEGE (SHIFT-II) in association with Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Chennai organised a “Mega Blood Donation Drive” in the college premises by 3rd August 2016. Many Students voluntarily came up and expressed their keen interest to donate the blood and save life. The Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club  of A.M. Jain College, Shift-II, Meenambakkam organised a “Free Eye Screening Programme” on 30th September, 2016 in association with Dr.Agarwals Eye Hospital Ltd for the students and staff. The YRC co-ordinator and ten volunteers eagerly participated in “One Day Disaster Management Awareness Programme” on 07th October, 2016 at Red Cross Premises, Egmore, Chennai organized by The Indian Red Cross, Tamil Nadu Branch. Belongs from our college ten volunteers and the YRC program coordinator participated in this programme. Four volunteers from the team had enrolled their names as volunteers of Disaster Management Team  organized by the district collector of Chennai. The participation certificates have been distributed by the Tamil Nadu chief secretary of Indian Red Cross Society of Tamil Nadu Branch. The Youth Red Cross volunteers eagerly participated in the parade of the “68th Republic Day Celebration” held in the College premises. The Youth Red Cross of A.M.Jain College (Shift-II) arranged a “Service Oriented visit to “Manasu - Psychiatric home” at Trisulam on 27th February, 2017. The YRC team donated sanitary items like bathing soaps, washing soaps, tooth paste and tooth brush collected by the YRC volunteers from the large hearted gems of the college.



“Eyes are the windows of the soul"

The Youth Red Cross (YRC) and the Red Ribbon Club (RRC) of A.M.Jain College, Shift-II, Meenambakkam organised a "Free Eye Screening Programme" along with Dr.Agarwal`s Eye Hospital Ltd for the Students and staff. 

This programme was inaugurated by our respectable Deputy Deans Ms.Sherry Jose, Ms.W.Julice Sudhir and Mr. P. Rajendra Prasad at 1.30 p.m on 30-09-2016 in the Old Library Block of the college premises.

The screening team consisting of 3 optometrist, 2 counsellors and a camp co-ordinator, checked the students with basic equipments like trail set and Auto Refractometer(AR). Around  300 students were benefited and nearly 90 students were advised to have their corrective glasses.

The Counsellers gave the essential tips on eye health care during the camp.

This camp was very beneficial to the staff and students of A.M.Jain College, Shift-II. The camp was a great Success thanks to the Marvellous support of YRC and RRC staff members and Volunteers.

Finally the Eye Screening programme ended at 6.15 p.m.

“Anybody can save Lives – Donate Blood”

The YRC and the RRC of A.M.JAIN COLLEGE(SHIFT-II) in association with Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Chennai organised a “Mega Blood Donation Drive” in the college premises(Old Library Block) on 3rd August 2016. The camp started around 1:30 p.m and went upto 6:00 p.m with steady stream of donors throughout. Principal Dr.Balaji, Dean Dr.G.K.Francis, Advisor Dr.Rajendran, Chief Manager Mrs. Sangeetha Rajappa, Deputy Deans Mrs. Sherry Jose, Mr.Rajendra Prasad and Mrs.Julice Sudhir made their gracious presence in the camp. Many students voluntarily came up and expressed their keen interest to donate the blood and save life. The students were checked before donating blood and also checkups for blood pressure and other tests were conducted by the doctor.

Number of registered persons -197

Number of Blood Samples Collected-178

Refreshments were provided to the students who were part of the camp.

The donars received their certificate of appreciation.

The samples were carefully sealed and transported away.

A Blood Donars database has been created for future reference.




The 68th Republic day was celebrated with great honour on 26th January 2017, at the college premises. Republic day in India is celebrated every year on the 26th January to honor the Constitution of India as it came into force on the same day in the year 1950. Honorable Mr.C.Ponnappan, former principal of Shree Chandra Prabhu jain College was the chief Guest for the day. Dr. R. Balaji, the principal, of A.M.Jain college hoisted the national flag and started the session with an inaugural address. The Chief guest addressed the gathering by delivering a thought provoking and inspirational Speech. Hev outlined the importance of the constitution and highlighted the Ancient Culture and Ethics of India. Mr.Joseph, former General manager, Air India, also joined the ceremony and expressed his respectful view about the college.

An excellent parade by the NCC, NSS, YOUTH RED CROSS, RRC, ROTRACT, and CONSUMER Club was conducted as a mark of respect to the Nation and National Flag. A Variety of Traditional and cultural programs were perfoprmed by various departmental students to focus on the history and culture of our country. The Celebration was well organized by Captain. Mr. Tulasi Raman and Lieutenant, Mahavir Jain.

Finally we saluted the National Flag and concluded with the National Anthem.

“Safety is a Race we can all win"

The Indian Red Cross Society, Tamilnadu Branch-Youth Red Cross organised the "One day Disaster Management Awareness Programme" on 07th October from 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m at Red cross Premises, Egmore, Chennai. The program inaugurated by the treasurer of Red Cross society, Tamilnadu Branch and Chennai District Officer Mr.Sulaiman. There were 10 volunteers and one YRC program officer participated in this programme. This Programme had been divided as 3 sessions

Session - 1  : Awareness about various disaster - Theory Session

Session - 2 : Explanation of importance and implementation of first Aid things

Session - 3 : Practical session about all types of fire Accidents and CPR

The 10 YRC Volunteers of the college eagerly participated and learnt more useful things and awareness as practically how to control the Fire exploration and CPR program. The Volunteers told that it`s a very useful program and we moved  towards the quote. "Disaster Management starts with "D" but begins with "YOU".

Four volunteers from the team had enrolled their names as volunteers for disaster management team organised by the district Collector of Chennai and finally, the participation certificates have been distributed by the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary of Red Cross Society of Tamil Nadu Branch.



The Youth Red Cross of A.M.Jain College ( shift-II) arranged a service oriented visit to "Manasu" a Psychiatric home at Tirisulam on 27th february 2017. Mental illness is a topic of public interest and the media is a major source of information regarding the issue. Mental disorders are rarely seen as a priority when it comes to health in fragile states. i.e.. mental illness is a huge degree of disability. Mental illness is not a life sentence. Most people will recover completely and go on to live full and productive lives. people with mental illness do not look any different from others in the community. Sharing stories of people that have experienced mental illness can increase awareness, reduce stigma and promote hope. So the YRC team decided to help the people with mental illness.

Manasu is an acronym for Mana Nala Sugalayam an NGO which focus on providing mental health services for the well-being of the society, Nation and the world through consultations, partnerships, legislation, funding and Planning. Manasu is a home for destitute men with mental illness(nearly 30 members) who are given a peaceful life by loving care of the organizers. The YRC team donated sanitary items like bathing soaps, washing soaps, tooth paste and tooth brush collected by the volunteers from the large hearten gems of the college. The Director of the home Fr. Susai Antony received us and explained about the clinic to to the YRC team.

We spent some time with them and handed over the collected items to the director. The time which we spent in the home was very less but most valuable and precious for us. This created happiness in them as well as in the hearts of the YRC team. 

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