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Student Clubs

Looking for ways to get involved on campus and make a difference in the world? Join a student club at AM Jain College! Our clubs are designed to help students explore their passions, develop leadership skills, and engage with the world around them. From environmental activism to promoting health and wellness, our clubs offer a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved and make a positive impact. As a club member, you'll have the chance to collaborate with peers, build valuable skills, and leave a lasting mark on the community. Join a club and discover the many ways you can make your mark at AMJC.


A charity program working for a hunger-free society was started by the Management on 9th June 2022 in association with RYA Madras Metro Trust. This club feeds needy people of all ages through RYA Trust which offers the collected rice as meals to needy institutions across Chennai city and surroundings. It is a collective measure to create a starvation-free environment. This initiative teaches students the happiness of giving. Raw materials for primary needs are collected by staff and students to be handed over to the needy public. This activity goes up to April from April. An act of donating also happens with this to fulfill the needy completely.


AMJC Women Development Cell is a vibrant and incessantly active collaboration of students, faculty, and staff endeavour to create a more inclusive, tolerant, and gender-sensitized community within the campus as well as in society.


A workshop on hygiene & health for women was conducted on 5th November 2022 Dr.R.ARTHI MBBS (Senior Medical Officer Greater Chennai Corporation) graced the occasion.


Puthumai Penn registration took place all through November.


Smart Girl Workshop was conducted on 24thJanuary 2023 & 25/01/2023. Ms. V. BELSINI GLADSHIYA (Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Agurchand Manmull Jain College) was the Resource Person.


Personality Development Workshop was organized on 25th January 2023 Ms. ARSHI C SHIYAL (Trainer - Rexona Confidence Academy Hindustan Unilever LTD) was the guest of honour.


AMJC celebrated International Women’s Day on 10thMarch 2023. Dr. SUMATHI NARAYANAN (President of the Creative Communication and Management Centre) took the dais as speaker.


AMJC started SEED club in the year… EDC was initiated to ignite the Entrepreneurial and professional talent in the students. The Goal of the SEED (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) is to close the gap between business and academia. The cell engages in a variety of activities for student growth where the student gains corporate experience while they are studying and fosters an entrepreneurial attitude. This club makes it possible for students to develop their capabilities and match themselves with the industry.

The cell would function in three ways:

1. Creating awareness through the management and IT industry visits.

2. Increasing abilities

3. Developing attitudes

Initiatives of SEED

An ice cream parlour opening was opened on 19thDecember 2022 on the campus.

A camp on Aadhar error rectification and applying for a new Aadhar form 19th December 2022 till 22nd December 2022.

MEGA ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME 2023 was organized by The Self-Reliant Bharat Mission on Feb 4th,2023. Dr. M.A.M.R MUTHIAH, Chairman & Managing Director, of Chettinad Cement Group enlightened the Importance of Entrepreneurship, and Dr. VIDYA SUNDARARAJAN, Eminent Scientist, Head of Planning & Human Resource Management Division, IGCAR, GOI briefly explained the opportunity of choosing research and development as a career option.

Arts & Cultural Club

AMJC Culturals

Remembering not the days but the moments of various celebrations like SARDAR, Pongal, Kalai Sangamam, and Friday Fiestas invigorates the students’ spirits to enhance their abilities and creativity, and to have loads of fun is a deviation from the daily learning from an architectural classroom to natural vistas. These gleaming galas further navigate them to a magical state of realization of art and togetherness. Both professional and amateur artists as students rock the stage amidst the massive audience of about 9,000 students.


The AMJC Cultural teams actively reach out to other colleges around the year, raining their mesmerizing talents to bring home trophies, awards, and accolades.


Winners and prizes photos


Unwrapping the charms of regional festivities, Thai Pongal celebration takes place every year with a new outlook. Each year is kickstarted with hues of Pongal festivity. A string of traditional events and competitions takes place including dance, music, theatrics, and non- performing arts. Honouring the agricultural harvest, the celebration redefines the cultural importance of the state of Tamil Nadu. Competitions are held across multiple categories to instill knowledge of ancient history.


KALAI SANGAMAM , also succinctly known as KS, is the Interdepartmental Competition held on 11th March 2023. It is the platform for celebrating art forms and a training table to learn to work together for success. Kalai Sangamam unified students from various departments of AMJC towards one task of demonstrating their creativity and innovation for

entertainment purposes. Auditions and rehearsals finetuned the students’ faculty on fine arts, time management, and people management. Three broad categories of events namely Music, Dance, and Variety were staged, which in fact accommodated multiple genres under them. Band singing, instrumental, karagaatam, silambam, and mime, to name a few. To celebrate it furthermore, off-stage competitions were conducted: Face Painting, Reel making, photography, mono acting, art from waste, drawing, poetry writing, oratory, vegetable carving, hairstyling, bottle art, nail art, mehendi, etc to name a few. This creates a platform for all the students to participate and win certificates.

Thus, every participant is acknowledged for his ability and creativity.


Around 30 departments participated to showcase their abilities. Kalai Sangamam is a corresponding coequal replication of SARDAR 2022 with a dynamic and splendorous outlook. Rolling Trophy was awarded to the overall best-performing Department. Making the stage videos and Photos related to campus ground. 7 decades of green campus became the open-air auditorium for Kalai Sangamam nesting bliss and exultation. Electrifying the students& spirits to new heights, AMJC is committed to giving young artists a new platform to display their latent energy. Celebration fills the air with fun and happiness. Celebrities and renowned people judge the competitions to give away trophies.

Karuna Club

A non-funded service club to inculcate compassion and develop human values in young students. To wake up young adults to share kindliness and compassionate emotions towards all living beings and plants and to be socially concerned and tolerant.

Goshala visit: Sree Venkata Krishnan Go Samrakshana Sala in Pallikaranai on 13th Feb 2023. The purpose was to instill concern in young minds to conserve Indian cow breeds from extinction and hand over this treasure to the next generation.

A donation was offered for one-time feed for all the cattle for that day. Students were taught to prepare the cow feed and were allowed to offer.


Environmental Awareness Program was conducted on Tackling Environmental challenges on 21st February 2023. Dr.M.G. EBBIE, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Presidency College. He spoke about Elephants as the gardeners of the forest. He further enlightened students about how the changes that humans cause to the environment directly impact animals.


An awareness program on the Relevance of Vegetarianism in the Modern Era was conducted on 25th February, 2023 . Smt. Lakshmi Neelakantan, Ex.CEO, Karuna International.

Exhibition about Animal Cruelty in AMJCIAN Bazaar on 25th February 2023

Students displayed Chart works, Slogans, posters, and videos covering on “Treat animals with kindness, not cruelty”.

Rotaract Club Shift - I

Rotaract Club is a non-profit organization run for the benefit of the common public through our students. This is a youth program actively run by AMJC with a group of enthusiastic students to pool up challenges, solutions, and ideas to face them and cultivate leadership through their actions.

Citizen Consumer Club

AMJC formulated the plan of installing the Consumer Club to bring awareness, knowledge, and skills relating to consumer rights among our college students and to impart knowledge on product standards, product quality, and about markets. A series of events are conducted annually to imbibe updated knowledge related to consumer law and rights.

Youth Red Cross

The youth red cross club of AMJC was started in the year…. It acts to imbibe knowledge and concern for general health and volunteer themselves into civic responsibilities. Thus, students, inculcate self-discipline.

Inauguration photos of Consumer Club

The inauguration and Orientation program was conducted on…. R.Manickam District Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society Chengalpattu District explained to the students about the founder and the history of YRC.

AMJC Youth Red Cross club conducted a BLOOD DONATION CAMP on 10th February 2023. Donors were monitored on their age, weight, haemoglobin level, blood pressure, etc. 128 students and staff donated blood. They were given certificates and healthy snacks were distributed to boost their energy level.

Red Ribbon Club

As part of extension activities, the Red Ribbon Club of AMJC educates youth on the awareness to eradicate the myth and misconceptions about the plight of diseases like HIV, AIDS, and other STDs. Thus, sensitize them to celebrate the life of affected people through their care and support to aid and support their living. Students take initiatives to reduce the stigma and discrimination against the affected people through awareness.

Celebrating Life-An awareness program on 27th February 2023. Mrs. Bharani discussed fundamental information on STD, HIV and AIDS, and blood donation awareness.

Mr. Muthumanikandan educated students about the necessity of personal principles and the role of media, gender, and society. Mrs. Suja and Mr. Venkatasubramaniam also enlightened students on self-evaluation, self-limitation, and the management of life skills.




Red Ribbon Club in collaboration with Madras Spice Ladies Circle – 133 and VHS Blood Bank Centre Organized a Blood donation camp on 13th April 2023 at Mahaveer Gyan Bhavan Auditiorium of Agurchand Manmull Jain college. The donated blood is especially for Thalassemia affected children who require change in blood every 21 days as the blood lacks the capacity to rejuvenate itself. The RRC Club members encouraged student’s participation by emphasizing the donated blood saves the life of many thalassemia affected children life. The VHS blood bank team arrived at the auditorium at 9am with Dr. Devaraj (MBBS) and Dr. M. Varatharajan (MBBS) and Nurses M/s. Bharathi and Mr. Mohammed Armaan and a councilor M/s Vasantha along with technicians and attenders. Our college principal was one of the donor at the start of the camp. Totally 54 volunteers came forward to donate the blood during the camp which includes teaching, non-teaching staff and student’s donors. The VHS Blood Centre team checked the weight and the hemoglobin of the donors before donating the blood. Most of the donors were the First time donors. The blood donors were given refreshments by the VHS Blood Centre team to reenergize themselves. Blood donation certificates were

distributed to all the donors as a token of appreciation by VHS blood Centre (A Unit of Voluntary Health Services, Madras, T.T.T.I. Post) The camp concluded at 5pm. The College Management provided refreshment to the VHS blood bank Centre team of 11 members. It was heartwarming end the camp as the Red Ribbon Club members thanked the VHS Blood Bank team for their gracious Cooperation. The program was made a grand success. We thank the management for the great opportunity rendered.

Rotaract Club


Rotract club Hair Donation Drive

Total 700 girls and 52 boys donated hair for cancer patients on 22nd February 2023 at Agurchand Manmull Jain College,  Meenambakkam.  The event was organized by Rotaract Club of Blue Whales and A. M. Jain College.  The program was inaugurated by Rtn. Vinod Saraogi,  Hon. Consul,  Republic of Uganda and Valedictory address was delivered by Rtn. K. P. Srikumar, President,  Rotary Club of Madras Central.  The event was graced by Dr. N. Venkataramanan, Principal, A. M. Jain College and Dr. M. M. Ramya, Dean.

The wigs will be donated to Cancer afflicted patients.  The event was supported by Naturals and Cherian Foundation sponsored by Go Colors.


Cultural and talent events are a significant part of the college experience at AM Jain College. Our students participate in various events, including dance, music, and singing performances, which allow them to showcase their creativity and skill sets. We believe in providing a diverse and welcoming community that encourages personal growth and development through these cultural and talent events.

Student Services

At AM Jain College, we strive to provide our students with a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the classroom. We understand that college life can be challenging, which is why we offer a wide range of student services to ensure that our students have the support they need to thrive. we are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible support and services to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

Railway and Bus Concession

We understand that commuting to and from college can be a challenge, which is why we offer railway and bus concessions to our students to help ease their transportation costs.

Scholarship and Fee Concession

We believe that every student should have access to quality education, regardless of their financial situation. We offer a range of scholarships and fee concessions to deserving students, based on academic merit and financial need.


We offer comfortable and safe on-campus accommodation for students who require it, with a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Student Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Development

We are committed to helping our students develop the skills and mindset they need to succeed in the professional world. Our student empowerment and entrepreneurial development programs provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills.

Physical Education

We encourage our students to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering a range of physical education activities on campus, including sports, yoga, and fitness classes.

Placement Services

We are committed to helping our students succeed in their chosen careers. Our placement services provide students with access to job opportunities, career counseling, and interview preparation support.

AMJC Experience

Welcome to the AMJC Experience! At AM Jain College, we're committed to providing an exceptional college experience that prepares our students for success in their personal and professional lives. Our vibrant campus community offers a range of opportunities for students to get involved, from student organizations and campus events to support services and dining options. Our focus on academic excellence is complemented by our commitment to student development, and we strive to foster a culture of growth and exploration in all that we do. Join us and discover the unique and fulfilling experience that is the AMJC Experience.

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