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All students of the college are ipso facto members of the college students’ union. The Union will have a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary and an Assistant secretary. The students’ council will consist of the Principal, four vice-Presidents and class representatives. The vice-Presidents are teachers nominated by the principal. The chairman, vice Chairman and secretary are elected by the student members of the students’ council excepting those from the final year classes.

The Assistant secretary is elected from among the class representatives of all first year classes.



It is the responsibility of the office bearers of the Union to arrange for monthly meetings inviting eminent persons from all walks of life. The union activities for the year will end in the first week of February. All activities and programmes of the college union shall have the recommendation and approval of the students’ council. Students’ council will meet once in three months to review the functioning of the union.




Only students who have appeared for all examinations at the end of each semester and have passed them are eligible to contest for any office in the college union. Those students against whom disciplinary action has been initiated are not eligible for contesting students’ union elections.


The office bearers of the college union shall conduct themselves with dignity and responsibility. In addition to the general rules of attendance and discipline, the college union office bearers shall be governed by the code of conduct issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu, reproduced in page 55 & 56 for their guidance.

Code of contact for the elected students – office bearers:

  • The office bearers of the college union shall cooperate fully with the Principal and staff of the college in promoting intellectual and cultural activities among students.

  • The college union office bearers shall impose on themselves the responsibility of not involving in any act of indiscipline leading to disruption of normal life in campus.

  • The problems/ issues in the college shall be resolved by representation and negotiations and not by resorting to any other method.

  • The office bearers shall not involve in any issue not connected with the college.

  • The office bearers shall, under no circumstances, deem it a part of their duty to represent to the authorities on matters and causes which do not fall under the purview of the college union.

  • The office bearers may take their representation to the principal on matters pertaining to the general interest of the students only and not on individual cases.

  • The office bearers shall not interface directly or indirectly in matters involving discipline, and action thereon which are the responsibilities of the principal.

  • No decision on the activities/programmes of the college union shall be taken by, the union office bearers except with the recommendation of the students council consisting of the class representative and staff advisers and approval of the principal.

  • It shall be obligatory on the part of the college union office bearers to present the statement of accounts twice a semester to the students’ council.

  • The office bearers shall not invite anyone not connected with the college for meetings and functions except with the specific approval and consent of the principal.

  • The union office bearers shall not issue any press statement pertaining to the college matter without the prior permission of the principal.

  • The union office bearers shall not involve themselves in any kind of fund raising campaigns except with the specific approval of the principal.

  • The above said instructions shall be followed and those who violate shall be dealt with suitably.

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