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Students’ Empowerment

& Entreprenural Development


“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines,

But it is to the one who endures, that the final victory comes”

                                                                           - Buddha

"Be an Employer - Not an Employee"

an aspiring thought of our founder Shri Padmashri Mohanmullji Chordia

Following his words of inspiration, as a self-initiative, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of A.M.Jain College was inaugurated on the 4th of September 2017 during its 115th Founder’s Day Celebrations

To establish an ED Cell catering to the needs of young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social importance

To develop a mechanism with required infrastructure facility that can enable students and faculty to innovate and prototype their innovation with support from the Government, Industry and other Academic Institutions



  • To create an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the college campus by organizing awareness camps, workshops and various training programmes.

  •  To emphasis on innovation driven entrepreneurship through student projects.

  •  Identify and motivate budding entrepreneurs by providing information on emerging challenges and opportunities relating to SME`s and Micro enterprises.

  •  Assist student entrepreneurs in feasible product development.

  •  Create a database and network d link the student entrepreneurs to coordinate for their start-ups.

  •  Help entrepreneurs to acquire necessary administrative skills to run his/her start-up company efficiently.



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