Scholarship for sports

Scholarship for sports

Tag Corporation Sport Award: Two cash awards of Rs.500/ each will be given to the two outstanding sportsmen of the college with an unblemished academic record and recommended by the director of physical Education.

Scholarships and fee Concessions

There are many Scholarships and tuition fee concessions available to deserving students. To be eligible for any Scholarships a student must have a minimum of 75% attendance. They must have passed all the examinations conducted by the college and the University..

Application forms for the award of the Scholarships and fee concessions will be available in the college office during July-August..

Please check on the college notice boards for the exact dates regarding the collection and submission of application forms..

Government Scholarship

1. National Merit Scholarships & National Loan Scholarships for students Whose parent’s annual income does not exceed Rs.50,000/-.

2. Scholarships for physically handicapped : For students who are blind or deaf or orthopedically handicapped. Parents annual income should not exceed Rs.9,000/-.

3. Backward class Scholarships : For students categorized as backward class, parent’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 50,000/-.

4. Defence Scholarships : Concessions are given to sons and dependants of defence personnel, Children of Ex-servicemen..

5. Educational concessions are offered to the children of the children of Government..

6. State government 92 TNER fee concessions:.

a. For Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and converts there from to Christianity, irrespective of the annual income of parents/guardians..

b. For Students belonging to Most Backward Classes, Denotified Tribes, irrespective of the annual income of parents/guardians..

7. Government Of India Scholarships: These are awarded to students who are either Scheduled Castes(Hindu) or Scheduled Tribes. The annual income of the parents should not exceed Rs.50,000/. If the annual income of the parent/guardian exceeds Rs.50,000/- they will be eligible for reimbursement of special fees & Examination fees only, Students will be elibible for 92TNER (vide 6(a)above)..

Income cum community certificates duly issued by the Deputy Tashildar of the place of residence and bearing the Government seal must be produced by the student. Satisfactory progress in studies and 75% attendance are essential for renewal of these Scholarships..

8. Government Of India Hindi Scholarships: For Students who have taken Hindi as a Second Language in 1 year degree course and have secured more than 60% in Hindi at the Higher Secondary or CBSE level..

There are other private Scholarships, for which the students must have no arrears in the previous year’s University examination..