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The establishment of S.S. Jain Educational Society is largely due to the response to a clarion call from three prominent Jain Monks, their Holinesses Shri. Tarachanji Maharaj, Sri. Krishnalalji Maharaj and Sri. Sowbhagchandji Maharaj whose discourses stressed the importance of imparting quality education to the student community regardless of the social class they belong.  This motivated and inspired many philanthropists like Shri Mohanmulji Chordia, Shri Inderchandji Galada, and etc. As a result Sri. Swethambar Stanakwasi Jain Educational Society was formed on the 10th November 1937, with the objective of launching and managing educational institutions. The society was registered under the Societies Registration Act on 8th September 1938. The society aims at moulding the careers of the younger generation of the student community by 

producing competent, talented and socially-responsible citizens. 

Shri. Mohanmullji Chordia and Shri. Tarachandji Galada was the founder-President and General-Secretary respectively. The institutions managed by them are 


  • Agurchand Manmull Jain College 

  • Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women 

  • Shri Mohanmull Chordia Industrial Training Centre 

  • Shri Amoluckchand Galada Jain Higher Secondary School 

  • Shri Tarachand Galada Jain Vidyalaya Matriculation School 

  • Shri Badalchand Sayarchand Chordia Jain Vidyalaya Matriculation School 

  • Shri Mangichand Bhandari Jain Higher Sec. School 

  • Agurchand Manmull Jain School 

  • A.M. Jain School - Balvatika 

S.S. Jain Educational Society

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