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India’s G20 Presidency Revives COVID Hit Hospitality, Tourism Sector

India’s G20 presidency has been a major booster for the hospitality and tourism sectors of the country. The sectors, which suffered majorly during the pandemic, saw a revival with several cities across India hosting meetings of the G20 summit. The hotel industry has witnessed a surge in demand for rooms and other services with rates expecting to hit an all-time high. A presidential suite in a top luxury hotel may cost up to Rs 20 lakh per day during the summit, according to industry insiders. The hospitality industry in India opines that the G20 has showcased India’s tourism potential in a big way the G20 Presidency has showcased Indian hospitality as the preferred experimental and sustainable tourism and MICE destination at the global stage. The events and meetings being spread across the length and breadth of our country, puts forward our local artisans, culture, performers, give away gifts, food and culture at the forefront of global tourism. Apart from the direct impact, we are already witnessing the infrastructure development by the government, foreign investment coming in and strengthening our ongoing growth stories. G20 recognizes the importance of the tourism industry as a key driver of economic growth, particularly in emerging economies. With the rise of emerging economies such as China and India, the G20 has focused on creating more opportunities for tourism growth by removing barriers to travel and reducing the costs of tourism. This has resulted in increased tourism flows, greater investment in tourism infrastructure, and the creation of more jobs in the hospitality industry. The delegates who had visited the Indian cities have not only had the taste of the fabled Indian hospitality but also had been overwhelmed by the spirituality and the culinary delights which have been offered in the various Indian cities. Air traffic has increased by 21.4 per cent compared to 2021-22 which signifies more people opting for airport hospitality and its services. Despite the hurdles we've faced, both business and leisure travel have made a strong resurgence in recent months, fostering hope for rapid and robust growth. The arrival of foreign delegates and diplomats to our nation during the G20 summit had undoubtedly provide a substantial boost to airport hospitality services, further elevating their importance. G20 has encouraged the tourists and tourism businesses to take a “Travel for LiFE’ (TFL) pledge, which will reflect their commitment for sustainable practices.


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