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Department of Computer Science

Travel and Tourism sector is a significant industrial sector in the world promoting economic expansion, generating employment, enhancing social development and protecting heritage and culture. Hundreds of millions of people rely on the tourism industry for their work on a global scale.

Established in the year 2004 with merely 9 undergraduate students, this department of Travel and Tourism Management has steadily grown to an elevated level as the Post Graduate department in 2015. The present strength is around 200 students. The core objective of this department is to offer job-oriented courses that encompasses a student centric and holistic approach in delivering quality education on par with the skill sets needed for career excellence.

The Department vitally aims:

  • To impart outstanding community-focused hospitality, to suffuse tourism professionals with dynamic management and leadership skills grounded in significant, contemporary industry experience.

  • To continue to be a premium, regional provider of Hospitality and Tourism education by emphasizing a contemporary curriculum, experiential learning and stakeholder engagement in nurturing, student-focused environment.

  • To imbibe strong and sound set of core values and ethics. The Department has always endeavored to empower students to face the challenges in the rapidly growing travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

  • Teaching Excellence, Collaboration with Stakeholders (students, alumni, industry and community partners) A Unique Culture of Collegiality and Inclusion, Applied Scholarship, Service and Life-Long Learning are the major highlights of the department.

  • The Department is committed to the overall development of an individual through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, interpersonal and social skills.

About the Course:

  • This Job-Oriented Travel and Tourism Program is quite popular among students and it prepares them for employment while completing their degrees.

  • All facets of the tourism and travel management industry, including airline ticketing and fare construction, are covered in the courses offered by the department.

  • The department encourages and facilitates students to establish connections with the tourism sector.


To provide outstanding community focused hospitality and tourism professionals with dynamic management and leadership skills grounded in significant, contemporary industry experience.


  • To provide relevant knowledge and abilities needed for higher education and suitable for job placements.

  • To acquaint students with key tourist industry applications and give them the tools they need to succeed as independent women business owners.

  • Integrate students both personally and professionally

Program Outcome