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Department of Computer Science

The Department is eminently known in Tamil Nadu for the courses it offers in diverse fields of philosophy. It has been recognized by the UGC as a Department of Philosophy since 1982. Philosophy begins, as Aristotle articulates, in the innate human capacity for wonder. Department of Philosophy at Agurchand Manmull Jain College seeks to help the students nurture that naive wonder through intellectual discipline and conceptual thoroughness. Philosophy pursues the purest use of the human mind and it leaves no presuppositions unexamined.

The undergraduate courses taught by the Department aim at making the students aware of the various issues concerning the man and the society. They are meant to sensitize students to the broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and humane issues involved in social change. Some of the courses are Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Logic and Scientific Methods and Political Philosophy. These courses aim at cultivating critical mind with analytical capabilities. At present, about one hundred and fifty students are perusing towards their degree programme.

The programme with a theoretical-practical thrust provides the students with a holistic understanding of socio-economic reality and the role of technology for sustainable development. Apart from the Institute level facilities, the Department has its own Library. The uniqueness of the Department in the College is that it has the portraits of important Western and Indian Philosophers in the staff room of the Department. For the fulfilment of its teaching and research goals, the Department has competent faculty members with high degree of excellence who keeps pace with the current developments in their fields of specialization.


The philosophical wisdom leads to a life of humility and brotherhood. The philosophical wisdom is arrived through critical and rational thinking which is passed on through tradition. In the vast ocean of philosophical teachings, the Jain Ideal of Ahimsa leads to the prosperity of the human kind and the sustainability of the environment.


Department of Philosophy, Agurchand Manmull Jain College aims to provide students with the skills to think critically, to question assumptions and presuppositions, and to see issues of current importance in the context of the rich history of philosophy itself; thus aims at creating human beings with compassion and ethical values.

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