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Department of Computer Science

The department of Mathematics was established in 1972. The major program offered by the department is M.Sc and B.Sc Mathematics. The department offers papers like Allied Mathematics I and II , Business Statistics, Elements of Operation Research, Discrete Mathematics , Numerical methods, Quantitative Aptitude, Mathematical statistics to its neighboring science and commerce departments , which makes the department an essential and one of the most versatile departments in the college. The department is well equipped with dedicated, well experienced and qualified teaching faculties. The department has rejuvenated itself by having added another dimension to it in the latest addition to its repertoire, the B.Sc Mathematics with Computer Applications. In the academic 2012-2013 the new course Maths with Computer Applications was introduced.

The department offers its students the knowledge and skills required to build their own career. The department was started with the aim of imparting arithmetic knowledge and mathematical skills to young aspiring minds. The objective of the department is to coach and demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical concepts, modelling of complex phenomena, enhance problem solving skills and decisionmaking capabilities to the students. Keeping in mind the multifunctional need of mathematics, the staff members do not merely share information with the students but strive to create the necessary environment for them to think and develop.

As a topping to their growth the Post Graduate course M.Sc Maths was introduced in the academic 2019-2020.


  • To inculcate logical and analytical skills

  • To develop knowledge needed for problem solving both in academics and real life situations.

  • To enable the students to think critically and to provide intellectual growth enhanced work -readiness skills.

  • The Department of Mathematics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching service.

  • The department strives to earn regional recognition for its expertise in the field of mathematics and the teaching of mathematics.

  • The department will build upon its strengths for development of graduate programs in areas of need for the region.


  • The Department of Mathematics of Agurchand Manmull Jain College serves three main groups of students H6- future educators, mathematics majors, other majors which employ mathematics with.

  • The faculty, with a dedication to teaching, compliments one another with diverse strengths and interests such as mathematics education, applied mathematics, statistics, mathematics history, the aesthetics of mathematics, and the utility of mathematical reasoning.

  • We share and promote the belief that mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity and a valuable one in the future of all human beings.

Program Outcome