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Department of Computer Science

This course has become most essential among variouscourse in the affiliated colleges of University of Madras. In order to have wider acceptability in job market the nomenclature of the course has been changed from B.A. Corporate to B.C.S and currently to B.Com Corporate in the branch of commerce.

Establishment of the Department :

Professor M.Balasubramanian who was responsible for the establishment of Corporate secretary department in A.M.Jain college became first H.O.D.

He contributed immensely for the development and growth of the development. Other outstanding professors like Prof. M.R. Gupta, Prof. K.R. Sheshadri and Prof. R. Mani followed him. Prof. K.R. Sheshadri and R.Mani both were member of ICWAI.

Growth of the Department :

Many eminent lawyers and other Professionals like C.A.,M.B.A and company secretaries were involved in handling the classes for specialised subjects like Law and Management. Prof. Jothimani an eminent lawyer (Currently High Court Judge), Prof. PrakashmullDugar, from IIM Calcutta are among the few. Large number of students attracted to the department ever since its inception.

Special Features :

A special feature of B.Com (C.S) is to undergo institutional training (fieldwork and submission of project report) in prescribed institution for a period of one month. This training does a world of good in shaping and preparing the students for job market. Many of our students today occupy top-notching positions in area of finance, marketing. Law management in high profile corporate sector and many are Charted Accountants, Cost Accounts and Company Secretaries in leading companies.

Success and Progress :

The department has been maintaining high percentage of results in all the semester non- semester examinations conducted by University of Madras. The department can also be proud of the fact that many years achieved distinction of ranks and gold medals at the university level.

Over the years the department organised various seminars, workshops and encourage students to participate in programs held at inter college level.

For the past three years, the department has arranged the campus interview and many of our students got placed in various concerns. Top ranking companies like Reliance Capital, Shausun Chemicals, Hyundai Integrated Enterprises, HDFC, ICICI recruited out students over the last four years.

Thus the department have grown leaps and bounds ever since his inception with no looking back occupying a prominent place in the map of imparting education in corporate secretaryship in the city of Chennai.


The philosophical wisdom leads to a life of humility and brotherhood. The philosophical wisdom is arrived through critical and rational thinking which is passed on through tradition. In the vast ocean of philosophical teachings, the Jain teaching of Ahimsa leads to the prosperity of the human kind and also the sustainability of the environment..


Department of Philosophy, Agurchand Manmull Jain College aims to provide students with the skills to think critically, to question assumptions and presuppositions, and to see issues of current importance in the context of the rich history of philosophy itself; by thus aims at creating human beings with compassion and ethical values.

Program Outcome