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Department of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Corporate Secretaryship is a three year degree course which introduces different factual representation of Corporate World. The department was established in the year 1971 with the objective of creating a world class academic environment in the field of commerce and business. The curriculum of B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) is structured in such way that the students acquire a deep knowledge in corporate affairs. The course provides a platform for the students to pursue Company Secretaryship as a profession. The comprehensive curriculum design brings excellent career opportunities to explore new vistas in the present competitive corporate arena. The course content is customized to provide an understanding of specific regulatory framework which has a direct bearing on the functioning of companies. The course helps the corporate students to warrant themselves with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the various managerial and secretarial aspects of business in general. The course is tailored in such way that it enhances students’ self-reliance spirit and easily employability. The major highlight of the course is the Institutional Training which imparts hands on professional skills to bridge the gap between academics and industrial expectations. It also creates a natural interest among the students on the dynamics of the Company and equips them to face the challenges in their future endeavours.

The Department of Corporate Secretaryship functions with highly qualified, dynamic and competent faculty with NET/SET and Ph.D. in subjects like Corporate Secretaryship, Commerce, Law, Accountancy and Taxation. The department also organizes various programs through the Association, “Corporate Compass” for the holistic development of our students in the field of corporate governance. Students are well equipped with skills to face the global challenges.


  • To provide excellent education.

  • To organize seminars, workshops and industrial visits to up skill the knowledge of the students.

  • To develop professional and competitive skills of students.

  • To encourage students in pursuing higher education.


  • To equip the students with quality education and practical knowledge in corporate secretaryship.

  • To build and expose students to obtain beneficial career options in the corporate sector.

  • To equips students to undertake courses like company secretaries, chartered accountancy, cost, and work accountants and M.B.A.

Program Outcome