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AMJC Culturals

Remembering not the days but the moments of various celebrations like SARDAR, Pongal, Kalai Sangamam, and Friday Fiestas invigorates the students’ spirits to enhance their abilities and creativity, and to have loads of fun is a deviation from the daily learning from an architectural classroom to natural vistas. These gleaming galas further navigate them to a magical state of realization of art and togetherness. Both professional and amateur artists as students rock the stage amidst the massive audience of about 9,000 students.


The AMJC Cultural teams actively reach out to other colleges around the year, raining their mesmerizing talents to bring home trophies, awards, and accolades.


Winners and prizes photos


Unwrapping the charms of regional festivities, Thai Pongal celebration takes place every year with a new outlook. Each year is kickstarted with hues of Pongal festivity. A string of traditional events and competitions takes place including dance, music, theatrics, and non- performing arts. Honouring the agricultural harvest, the celebration redefines the cultural importance of the state of Tamil Nadu. Competitions are held across multiple categories to instill knowledge of ancient history.


KALAI SANGAMAM , also succinctly known as KS, is the Interdepartmental Competition held on 11th March 2023. It is the platform for celebrating art forms and a training table to learn to work together for success. Kalai Sangamam unified students from various departments of AMJC towards one task of demonstrating their creativity and innovation for

entertainment purposes. Auditions and rehearsals finetuned the students’ faculty on fine arts, time management, and people management. Three broad categories of events namely Music, Dance, and Variety were staged, which in fact accommodated multiple genres under them. Band singing, instrumental, karagaatam, silambam, and mime, to name a few. To celebrate it furthermore, off-stage competitions were conducted: Face Painting, Reel making, photography, mono acting, art from waste, drawing, poetry writing, oratory, vegetable carving, hairstyling, bottle art, nail art, mehendi, etc to name a few. This creates a platform for all the students to participate and win certificates.

Thus, every participant is acknowledged for his ability and creativity.


Around 30 departments participated to showcase their abilities. Kalai Sangamam is a corresponding coequal replication of SARDAR 2022 with a dynamic and splendorous outlook. Rolling Trophy was awarded to the overall best-performing Department. Making the stage videos and Photos related to campus ground. 7 decades of green campus became the open-air auditorium for Kalai Sangamam nesting bliss and exultation. Electrifying the students& spirits to new heights, AMJC is committed to giving young artists a new platform to display their latent energy. Celebration fills the air with fun and happiness. Celebrities and renowned people judge the competitions to give away trophies.


Audition Event a lively celebration of creativity and diversity!

AMJC cultural event



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