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Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

From the academic  year 2008-2009, the University of Madras introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with Semester Pattern. At both under-graduate and post-graduate levels, each course of study is assigned a certain number of credits, and a student who obtains the Wired number of credits over the study period is considered as having completed the course and upon that he/she is awarded the degree. Further at the under-graduate level, a student of a major course of study has the choice to select a subject that he/she would like to learn (other than the maior subject) within the prescribed time period and the programme parameters. The non-major elective subject also carries a certain credit. As per the course curriculum, a non-Tamil student has to study Basic Tamil or Advanced Tamil (as the case may be) instead of the non-major elective subject.


Apart from this, the course curriculum requires the student to take up four skill-based subjects, known as Soft Skills, in order to improve his/her employability. Moreover, the curriculum seeks to make the student aware of the environment in which he/she is living, and intends to develop the student as a wholesome personality by inculcating values in him/her. Thus the course curriculum includes Environmental Studies and Value Education. In short, the course curriculum as designed by the University of Madras seeks to mould and shape the student in such a way that he\ she while leaving the portals of the educational institution will not only be knowledgeable and employable, but responsible too.

The broad outlines of the Choice Based Credit System are as follows:

Part 1: Tamil/other Languages

Part ll: English

Part III (a): 2 Major Subjects

Part Ill (b): 1 Allied Subject

Part IV a) : Non-Major Elective or Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil

             (b): Soft Skills/Environmental Studies/Value Education

Part V: Extension Activities.


Duration: three years – first year – I & II semesters - second year – III & IV semesters - third year – V & VI semesters The odd semesters will be from June to November, the even semesters from December to April and each comprising 90 working days.


The students enrolled for the career oriented courses will have a cutting – edge over others in the job markets and reach the pinnacle of their career ladder in a very short span.


All first year students shall have to enrol in NSS/NCC/Sports & Games/ any other services organisation in the college compulsorily and shall have to put in a compulsory minimum attendance off 40 hours which shall be duly certified by the principal before 31st of march of the year.

Literacy and adult education, field work shall be compulsory components in the above extension service activities.\


In III and IV semesters, all students should undergo a course of Environmental studies (50 hours durations).


Duration: two years – first year – I & II semesters - second year – III & IV semesters

The odd semesters will be from June to November, the even semesters from December to April and each comprising 90 working days.

General Information


1 .A pass in the Higher Secondary Examinations of the Tamil Nadu state board /CBSE / other equivalent examination with an aggregate of 40%.

2 .Applicant must have completed 16 years 6 months on 1st July of the year of admission

3 .Applicants from boards other than Tamil Nadu state board must obtain the eligibility certificate from the University of Madras before admission.

4 .For B.Sc. degree courses, students who have studied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer science will be preferred.

5 .For B.Com degree courses, students who have studied Commerce with Business Mathematics will be preferred.


1 .A Pass in the bachelor degree in the respective discipline.

2 .Applicants who have graduated from other universities than the University of Madras must obtain recognition certificate from the University of Madras.


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