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About the Department

Our department offers a three year bachelor degree in business administration and provides a professional core of courses needed for vocational endorsement. In 1992, the department had a humble beginning.

The department involves students in interactive classes where they can learn, acquire skills and form attitudes and values appropriate for managerial and professional careers in business, industry and government. Specifically the programs are designed to assure that participants develop an integrated body of knowledge in the business and management of modern organization.

Experienced faculty expose students to real life business situations in stimulating learning environment. The business administration programs provide the students the opportunity to go forward in the broadest range of professional directions and build sound and rewarding careers to compete effectively in today’s fast paced world and that are valued by society.

The business administration department caters to the need of students to make them modern managers in their global setting.

The department over these years has insisted our students to develop their leadership skills, Motivational ability, logical thinking and effective management. For this the department opens a wide variety of courses such as Financial Management, Management Information system, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics etc., the students also undertake a project with the industry in their final semester.