shift-II marketing year started

Department of the Commerce is one of the oldest department in A. M. Jain college (shift II) started in the year 1971-72. It has the privilege of being the most populous department of the institution with 600 plus students. Over the years the department has reached its height and has now enabled the department to be partitioned into three sections. The department has been striving to provide quality education through personalised approach and also to bring about wholesome development with the noble inputs of discipline, creativity, multi-skills, intelligence and integration of family, social and global values. The main objectives of the department is to expose the students to the best business and managerial practices and to impart intrinsic knowledge in commerce and business related courses so as to prepare a future corps of high quality and well informed HR for both the corporate world and the academic sphere.


Our vision is to bring on an ideal business environment through the inculcation of proper values and norms in our students who in turn will propagate messages to the entire world acting as a catalyst to usher in an ideal social and business environment. The world to become a better place needs to function as a cohesive whole of the various systems such as legal, political, social, cultural and economic and it will be the realm of commerce that will act as the linking force to ensure that the global environment stays as pristine and pure as it needs to be.


Our mission is to impart wholesome knowledge and information in commerce and related topics to our students using innovative techniques and methodologies which in turn nurture in them a creative urge, not only to imbibe more knowledge but also to disseminate knowledge and information to others through example and principled stands. Our aim is to ensure the total well-being of our students while they are within the portals of our institution and lay a firm foundation for their career and familial edifices.


  • Managing by Innovation
  • Execution with Passion
  • Team Work
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Human Touch