shift-II honor about the department


·         The department of computer science has been functioning since 2001.

·         The department currently has 13 faculty members who are young and dynamic.

·         The department has 3 sections in each year.

·         The primary objective of the department is to create a platform for developing the technical skills in computer technology for various applications.

·         Apart from class room teaching the faculty members conduct various seminars, assignments, group discussion etc., and also train them effectively to meet the challenges that prevail in the society.

·         The staff members do not confine only to academics but also show up responsibility to find out the special skills of the students and encourage them.

·         The department faculty members are actively involved in research and have published papers in National & International journals.

No. of Sections :

                                 Section II was added in 2005.

                     Section III was added in 2007.

Well known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and a spacious computing facilities equipped with powerful servers in computer center.(6 Software Laboratories with 400 computers and a separate Digital and Microprocessor Lab).


               Nowadays computers are ubiquitous in every industry and its leads to variety of careers. So a person with computer science degree can find a lucrative career option. For the most entry level positions, a Bachelor`s degree in Computer Science (like B.Sc(computer science), B.C.A) is a must. Some popular career paths include employment in financial institutions, Consulting firms, Law films, Education, Marketing and technical writing. We can attain success in self employment too as freelance programmers and web developers. As the Internet being an inevitable part of everyday life, Web page authoring and web application development have been other areas of high demand in the Job Market.

              A Master`s degree(like M.Sc., (Computer Science)) and areas of speciality lead into careers including software Development, Project Management, Systems Analysis, and Maintenance among other areas and Master degree are sufficient to get the top IT Positions.