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 A Report on Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club

The installation ceremony of Rotaract club of AGURCHAND MANMULL JAIN COLLEGE sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras Central R.I.D 3232 was organized on 09/08/2018 in the College Sri Parasmall Chordia Seminar Hall.

The event was graced by the presence of Rtr. PDRR. Solomon Victor (DRCC 2018 -19) as Chief Guest. He in his address briefly explained the importance of Rotaract movement, and congratulated the new office bearers and members.

Our Guest of Honour was RTR. PP.Girish (DRR 2018 -19) graced the occasion, gave a brief account on the importance of being socially active told the students how Rotary and Rotaract came into being. He was our College student and was the Rotaract Club’s President in 2011. He also emphasized that parents and teachers play an important role in shaping the student’s future through encouraging them to join Rotaract.

Special invitee was RTN. Jeyakumar, Youth Service Director of the Rotary Club of Madras Central said that ROTARACT CLUB OF AGURCHAND MANMULL JAIN COLLEGE has been doing many social activities. He appreciated the present and past members of the club for their eternal support to the Rotary movement and was thankful to them. He generously donated a wheelchair to our college for differently challenged students of our college. 

Dr. N. VENKATARAMANAN, Principal, with his encouraging words, asked the student members of the Rotatract Club to work hard and march towards becoming one of the best Rotaract clubs in the city. Dr. P.Babu, Head, Department of Physics, also was present at the installation and wished the student rotarators to perform extremely well in all activities.  Faculty in charge, DR.S.MANIKANDAN, also addressed the students with encouraging words about importance of the social work and motivated them to perfom exceeding well this year and take the heights to a great well. Dr. S.Anathakrishnan also addressed the people about  history of Rotaract club in A M Jain College and praised the students for their great work all these years .

The new office bearers sworn in for academic year 2018-19

President : Rtr. DIVYA III B.Sc(Mathematics)

Secretary : Rtr. VIJAY II B.Com

And all the other Board Members’ were installed.



2. New President : Rtr. DIVYA


3. New Secretary : Rtr. VIJAY

4. Release of Letter Head by the Principal

5. New Board Members 




                                            ROTARACT CLUB OF A.M.JAIN COLLEGE (SHIFT-II)

                                                            ANNUAL REPORT 2015-2016




Name of Project      : Arimughum

Project Date           : JULY,23,2015

Project Venu           : Gyan Bhavan

Project Chairmen     : Rtr. Vasu Kumar

Project Secretary     : Rtr. Sudharshan

Activities Conducted : Interaction session, opportunity was given to the Green Rotaractors to come on stage to render a feedback.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 110

Chief Guest / Guest of Honor / Dignitaries:

 PDRR Rtr. Solomon Victor

 Rtr. P P PHF. Subhadra. V. Marimuthu

 Rtr. Karthik Raja. S

 Rtr. Harshne Sundaram

Project Description: It was an orientation for the Green Rotaractors for the RY- 2015& 2016, TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT Rotaract is all about, to inspire them and to enlighten.



 Name of Project        : Varnajalam

Project Date             : 12, Aug, 2015

Project Venue           : A .M .Jain College (Seminar Hall)

Project Chairman      : Rtr Om Prakash

Project Secretary      : Rtr Eaktha

Number of Rotaractors present: 150

Chief Guest/ Guest of Honor/ Dignitaries:

♥ Rtr. Ravi Kumar

♥ Dr. G. K. Fransis

♥ Rtr. Anirudh Natarajan

Project Description: The Rotaract Club of A. M. Jain College Shift-II was held on 12th of August 2015 and we had as Chief Guest Rtr. Ravi Kumar (President of Rotaract Club of Madras Central), Rtr. Surya Narayanan, Rtr. Bala Krishnan, Dr. G. K. Fransis (Principal of A. M. Jain College Shift-II), Rtr. Anirudh Natrajan (District Rotaract Secretary). The function was held at Seminar hall with 150 Green Rotaractors, 25 Office Bearers were sworn in and were given board pins and ID Cards.



Name of the Project        : Annam Ettu Unn, phase-1

Project Date                   : June, 29, 2015

Project Venue                 : Various Railway Stations

Project Chairman            : Rtr. Madhan Raj

Project Secretary            : Rtr. Sudharshan Krishna

Activities Conducted        : Providing Food

Number of Rotaractors Present: 15

Project Description:

We the Rotaractors of A. M. JAIN COLLEGE SHIFT-II have decided to provide food to needy on monthly basis. We had prepared food from home and provided it to the blind and poor old people in various Railway Stations. This initiative was started on June 29, 2015 and in turn we were blessed by them.


Name of the Project          : Battle

Project Date                     : June 29, 2015

Project Venue                   : A. M. Jain College

Project Chairman              : Rtr. Sudharshan Krishna

Project Secretary              : Rtr. Raga Priya

Activities Conducted          : Providing biscuits to housekeeping and security guards of A. M. Jain College

Number of Rotaractors Present: 10.

Project Description:

This project was based on the distribution of biscuits to the house keepers of A. M. Jain College. This was to thank them for giving a clean, hygienic and safe environment to the Students and Faculty.

Project #3

Name of the Project      : SUTHAM SEITHUDU

Project Date                 : September 11, 2015

Project Venue               : Meenambakkam Subway

Project Chairman          : Rtr. Madhan Raj

Project Secretary          : Rtr. Manikandan

Project Description:

We the Rotaractors of RCAMJC-II took a initiative on September 11, 2015 to clean the Meenambakkam Subway. We had pulled out all the posters that were stuck on the walls of the subway, and we had even painted the subway. We then wrote “STICK NO BILLS”, “KEEP INDIA CLEAN” & “PURSUE EXCELLENCE”, to inspire everyone to maintain the cleanliness.

The Rotaractors who had worked for this project were provided with food and refreshments. We had even taken number of group photos too.

Activities Conducted: We were divided into two teams, Team A & B. Team A removed all the posters that were struck on the walls. The steps connecting the railway station and subway and the steps connecting the subway and college were swept by team A and B respectively. We then had a break for 5 minutes and again started with our work. Around 2’O clock at noon we had our lunch accomplished by our facilities. In the second half of our project we wrote “STICK NO BILL”& “DO NOT SPIT”. Around 5pm, when we were done with our work we gave general awareness for cleanliness to the passerby.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 25



Project #1

Name of the Project   : Uzhaipinri Oothiyam Illai

Project Date              : September 9 & 10, 2015

Project Venue            : Computer Lab

Project Chairman       : Rtr. Vignesh

Project Secretary       : Rtr Venkat

Activities Conducted   : Providing kit, refreshments, lunch and tea- snacks to the faculty as well as the trainees.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 15

Project Description:

A workshop was conducted on September9 & 10 to the faculty of Computer Science Department. We the Rotaractors of A. M. JAIN COLLEGE SHIFT- II, undertook the responsibility of providing refreshments, lunch, snacks & kit to the faculty and the trainees. The kit consists of a file, a pen and a notepad and it returned to be useful to teachers during workshop.

Our board members helped the faculties in all possible aspects to make the workshop turn into a grand success. The entire management was happy with our work and we felt blessed to get such opportunity to serve them.

Project #2

Name of the Project    : AASHIRVAADHAM

Project Date               : September 4, 2015

Project Venue             : A. M. JAIN COLLEGE

Project Chairman        : Rtr. Eakta Bhutra

Project Secretary        : Rtr. Divya Bharathi

Project Description:

We the Rotaractors of RCAMJC- II, Had celebrated Teachers Day on September 04, 2015 by gifting the entire teaching and non teaching staff with a pen and a greeting hung to it. Around 5 pm our Board Members walked around the rows of the seminar hall to gif our teachers and thank them.

Activities Conducted: Presented pen with a thanking greeting and Rtr. Eakta went on stage to thank our professors for their support and there encouragement. Mean while a notepad was passed in which all the teachers wrote their hearty wishes and blessings for the future of the Club.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 10


Project #1

Name of the Project       : Maathiyoosi

Project Date                  : August 18, 2015

Project Venue                : Room no. S2

Project Chairman           : Rtr. Divya Bharathi

Project Secretary           : Rtr Ashish

Activities Conducted       : Spent time by playing Maatiyoosi

Number of Rotaractors Present: 22

Project Description: The Rotaractors of RCAMJC- II had spent some time with each other by playing “Maathiyoosi” after the adjournment of our meeting. All the board members found it as a refreshing time, and got an opportunity to understand one another.

Project #2

Name of the Project        : `Vaanavil` Victory

Project Date                   : August 16, 2015

Project Venue                 : Outside `Kamaraja Memorial Hall, Teynampet

Project Chairman            : Rtr. Gayathri

Project Secretary            : Rtr. Avinash

Activitied Conducted        : Celebrated the pride of being recougnised in the District Assembly “VAANAVIL”

Number of Rotaractors Present: 25

Project Description: Ice-cream party.

Project #3

Name of the Project       : B`Day Bash

Project Date                  : September 22, 2015

Project Venue                : Food Court of AMJC

Project Chairman           : Rtr. Gayathri

Project Secretary           : Rtr. Eaktha Bhustra

Activities Conducted       : Presented a gift to the B`day boy by sing birthday song, cracked funny jokes and took numerous selfies.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 20

Project Description:

The RCAMJC-II had celebrated our secretary Rtr. Om Prakash birthday. We gifted him a formal shirt, cracked funny jokes, took selfies and enjoyed the time.

District Event Attended:









No. Of District Event Attendees:



 PHEONIX: 110+

 FAANA: 120+


 RYLA: 15



 GRM : 10












Rotaract Club Of Spectrum

Rotaract Club Of A. M. Jain College Shift-II

Rotaract Club Of Aadhithiya

Rotaract Club Of Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering

RYLA- WISDOM (OCT 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2015)




(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary’s leadership training program for youth people. RYLA participants can be in ages between 14 - 30, but most Clubs and Districts choose to focus on a narrow age range, such as 14- 17 or 18- 30. RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship and personal growth and aims to Demonstrate Rotary’s respect.)


♦ Inauguration Function Started by 12:15 to 1: 00pm

♦ Chief Guest Rtr. Joseph Raja, Guest of Honour Shanmugavel (Plant&L T) Distract

♦ Representative P. P. PHF. Vinoth Nagarajan, P. P. Aniruth Natarajan have grace the occasion.

♦ Chief Guest Rtr. Joseph Raja, Guest of Honour Shanmugavel (Plant & L T) launched the RYLA T- Shirt and Badges for the Rylarians

♦ Felicitate chief guest and guest of honor by memento and sawl.

♦ After completed inauguration Rylarians, chief guest, organizers had a lunch (1.00 to 2.00pm)

♦ Rtr. P. P. PHF. Dr. Vinod Nagarajan had taken session of Rylarians(2: 10 to 2: 50pm)

♦ Rtr. Britto Manohar had taken a ice- breaking session for Rylarians (3:10 to 4:30 pm)

♦ Rylarians and Organizers went for hi- tea.

♦ Mr. Sanitago found (mount. Oliver. Obt.) had conducted management games for Rylarians.(5:00 to 7: 30 pm)

♦ Mr. Sathish (A. D. Congizant)Had conducted a movie based management games. (7:30 to 8: 30)

♦ Rylarians went for a line with band team. (8: 30 to 9:30)

♦ After finishing dinner the band team continues a show still. 10:30 pm

♦ After a wonderful day the Rylarians went to the respective rooms……


♦ Rylarians weak up at 6:00 am and had a hi-tea

♦ Rylarians were assembled in conference hall for distributing a rylarian T-Shirts.

♦ Mr. Karthick founder (Team Everest and first voulunteer) had given an session about adifferent thought of volunteering. ( 9:30 to 10:30am)

♦ After a wonderful session the Rylarians had hi-tea(10:30 to 11:00am)

♦ Rtr. Javed had taken a session about a safety awareness. (11:00 to 11:am)

♦ Rtr. Ansar had conducted some activity to the Rylarieans(11:30 to 12:00 am)

♦ Rtr. Britto MAnohar had a session about building a carrier and activity to the Rylarianns.(12:00 to 01:30 pm)

♦ Mr. Sasithar Sunil had taken a wonderful session of past tense to future tense. (02:30 to 05:30 pm)

♦ After the session the Rylarians went for their hi-tea.

♦ The Rylarians started the regasel for their culturals. (05:30 to 06:30 pm)

♦ The Rylarians had cultural programs. (06:30 to 07:30 pm)

♦ The Rylarians and organizers enjoied a wonderful DJ by DJ (Ashwin). (07:30 to 09:15 pm)

♦ After DJ the Rylarians and organizers had a dinner. (09:20 to 10:00 pm)

♦ After completion of 2nd day Rylarians went to the respective rooms.


♦ The Rylarians wake by 06:30 am and they were assembeled in lone for activity based session and games were conducted by Rtr. Ansar. (06:35 to 08:00 am)

♦ After the session the Rylarians went for their Break Fast. (08:30 to 09:30 am)

♦ Rtr. Binnu had conducted a management games on team leading to Rylarians. (10:00 to 11:05 am)

♦ Mr. Aadhithiya (professional trainer) had taken a session about unlock your potential. (11:05 to 12:10pm)

♦ PP.PHF. IPDRR Rtr. Arjun Raja had taken a session about leadership. (12:10 to 01:10pm)

♦ The Rylarians went for their lunch at 01:10 to 02:00pm

♦ PP.PHF.PDRR Rtr. Ramkumar Raju had taken a session about Rotaract, interact and RYLA to the Rylarians. (01:30 to 02:30 pm)

♦ After a completion and succession of 3 days of this RYLA WISDOM had a wonderful valedictory function and announced best male and female Rylarian and recognizer by chief guest Rtr. Ravi Kumar President (Rotary Club of Madras    Central), District Rotaract Representatives PP.PHF.Rtr. Vinoth Nagarajan andPP. Anirudth Natrajan

♦ IPDRR Rtr. Ram Kumar Raju, PDRR Rtr. Arjun Raja, DRR Elect Subhadhra Marimuthu, grace the occasion to the valedictory function. (02:30 to 04:30 pm)

♦ After the Rylarians had a wonderful RYLA they were packed up and boarded their buses by 05:30 pm

Name of the Project  : AANITHU ARIVAI KATHIDU

Project Date             : 12th jan 2106

Project Venue           : Blue cross center

Project Chairman       : Rtr.manikandan

Project Secretary       : Rtr. Hari haran

Activitied Conducted   : cleanup the shelter of animals

Number of Rotaractors Present: 12

Project Description: We the Rotaract club of A.M. Jain College Shift –II had done a wonderful project of aaninthu arivai kathidu at Blue cross center. We had cleaned the shelters of the animals and also cleaned up the animals.


 Name of the Project : GENERAL MEDICAL CAMP

Project Date             :30th December 2015

Project Venue           : AT AMJC

Project Chairman      : Rtr.Priyadharshi

Project Secretary      : Rtr.shiridika

Activities Conducted  : general medical checkup for college stundents.

Project description: 

We conduct the free medical check up for our college students and gave free medicine for them. The doctors are came from the rotary hospital with help of them we smoothly done our project in our college premises.

Name of the Project : Flood relief

Project Date            : 30th December 2015

Project Venue          : Outside near west mambalam

Project Chairman     : Rtr. Om Prakesh

Project Secretary     : Rtr. Karthick

Activitied Conducted : Providing relief material to the needy people.

Number of Rotaractors Present: 20

Project Description:

We the RCAMJC-II took an initiative to collect food items ,made them into food hampers and distributed the food hampers to the needy people.The food hampers were distributed to people residing outside near to West Mambalam. Nearly 50 food hampers were distributed to the needy.

 Name of the Project : MAZHALAYIN SIRIPIL

Project Date             : January 29, 2016

Project Venue          : A. M. Jain College Shift-II

Project Chairman     : Rtr. lokesh

Project Secretary     : Rtr. Venkata prasad

Activities Conducted : Move Showing for Orphanage Children

Number of Rotaractors Present: 20

Project Description:

We the RCAMJ S-II done a excellent project called MAZHALAYIN SIRIPIL. First of all we went to the annikum karangal orphanage located at the nanganalur to getting permission from the MD to bring the 50 orphanage children to our college. And show the movie for them. We gave snacks to them at the time of break. We also gave kit that contain pen,pencil,sharpner,note book,scale,rubber to the all the 50 children. We also gave old cloths colleted from our college staffs and students.

 Name of the Project     : Organic Farming

Project Date:

Project Venue              : AMJC

Project Chairman         : Rtr. avinash

Project Secretary         : Rtr. Madhan Kumar

Activities Conducted     : farming organic vegetables in our college campus

Number of Rotaractoes Present : 20

Project Description: first we pluck up all the unwanted grass and we cultivate the lands. Then we put organic seeds and pour water for them. It is an on going project some of the plants grow up and now they giving some little amount of vegetables.

Name of the Project    : uthavidu

Project Date               :

Project Venue             : Adyar, cancer institution

Project Chairman        : Rtr. Vasu kumar

Project Secretary        : Rtr.venkata Prasad

Activities Conducted    : Giving threptin biscuit tines to the cancer patients

Number of Rotaractoes Present: 14

Project description:-

We are the rotaractors of A.M.Jain College shift-II. We done a excellent project called UDHAVIDU . First of we collect threptin biscuit tines from a achariya siksha mandri, pondycherry and we also collected some threptin boxes from our college students and staffs. We went and meet the chief doctor of the cancer institution before two weeks to conform the date. On the date of 12th feb 2016 we are the 14 rotaractors gone to the Adyar cancer institution and gave 354 threptin boxes to the cancer affected childrens ,ladies and gents also. The chief doctor thank our rotaractors for their excellent job.


Name of the Project          : DREAMZZ- 3

Project Date                     : 08th feb

Project Venue                   : Abirami mall

Project Chairman              :Rtr. Arun

Project Secretary              :Rtr. Vasu kumar

Number of Rotaractors Present : 15

Project description:-

This is the joint project with Rotaract club of Green Galaxy. We show the "RAJINI MURUGAN" movie for the orphanage children at  "ABIRAMI MALL". We also provide a wish list for the children. And we gave lunch for them at there orphanage. we also invite chief guest as Actor Ashok and Rtn. Abirami ramanathan sir.