MM-About the Department

About the Department

       The history of A. M. Jain College Shift –II (previously known as the Evening Section) started in 1972. The course B.Sc (Information Systems Management) was started in the year 2001, the Era when Information Technology was gaining an increased global importance. The course was started with the vision of giving away the benefit of both information technology and management to the student’s community. The motive was successfully achieved by the sincere and tedious efforts of the faculty which paved way to start up an additional section in the academic year 2010-2011. The department started to function at is individual capacity from the academic year 2011-12 onwards.

       The lecturers of the department are well known for their sincerity, dedication and devotion. They have helped the younger generation in training themselves as well disciplined and dignified people of the society. This has elevated the department into one of the finest and much sought in and around the Chennai city. The faculty members took required efforts to bring out the best out of the students; it is evident from the fact that many students of this department hold high office now in various countries. The staff members do not confine only to academics but also show up responsibility to find out the special skills of the students and encourage them to nurture in the specific fields.

       The lectures are strict in maintaining discipline among the students yet they are friendly and are accessible by the students. Apart from class room teaching the teachers conduct various seminars, assignments, group discussion etc., and also train them effectively to meet the stiff challenges that prevail in the society. On the other hand, the students have also proven themselves which can be understood from the result outcomes. They have utilized the opportunity given to them by participating in many inter-college competitions and won laurels to the college and the department. The name and fame of the department can be well understood from the steep rise in the student’s strength every academic year.

       The faculty members apart from their academic commitment volunteer themselves for other administrative work under the table guidance of the Management, Dean and the Advisors of Shift-II.