Visual communication is emerging to become the contemporary language of communication. Its ubiquitous nature is attracting the attention of the most creative minds. The Visual Communication department of the college has the perfect infrastructure required to enhance learning at the U.G. and P.G. level

 Drawing Studio


The artist has the ability to enable people to see what he sees. The drawing studio has around 50 drawing tables arranged in a circular pattern, which allows a model to be placed in the center for drawing. This enables students to practice drawing and graphic designs.

Shooting Floor


Photography has the magical power of freezing moments in life to make it immortal. The shooting floor helps students to master the indoor lighting techniques. The floor has green and blue matte provisions that enable students to work with visual effect techniques. It facilitates advertising photography, where products are photographed in a clear white background.


Edit Suite


Editing is a kind of alchemy and has become the integral part of good cinema. The ordinary can become extraordinary with good editing and give a psychedelic experience to viewers. The Editing suite is perfectly designed with the latest editing equipments such as the updated configuration of Mac systems, Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro which are the most important software used in the field of film and television Editing.


Dubbing Suite



Dubbing gives life and emotions to the dialogue delivered. Perfect dubbing can liven up a prosaic scene at times. The dubbing suite has a sound recording room fitted with the latest software and technology required to master sound techniques. Students get a hands-on experience with audio consoles and microphones. Students have the privilege of learning the latest software used in the field of audio Engineering. They get the opportunity to Dub and Record audio & Music.