College Infrastructure



The prestigious college is situated in sprawling, 40 Acres of land in Chennai city.

The college is maintained by energetic Security guards round the clock ie.24

The college has :

♦ 4 Cricket Grounds with gallery

♦ 2 Volley Ball courts

♦ 1 Basket Ball court

♦ 1 Hockey Ground

♦ 1 Food Ball Ground

For students Benefit the college has

  Xerox & Stationary Shop

 ♦ Jain Canteen

 ♦ Tamil Canteen Inside Campus

For Ladies Staff & Girl students

 ♦ LADIES LOUNGE is there in Main Building

Classes are conducted in 3 Building called

 ♦ MAIN BUILDING – Main Building Consists of 55 Class rooms

 ♦ ANNEX BUILDING – Annex Block Consists of 24 Class rooms

 ♦ LIBRARY BLOCK – Library block consists of 8 Class rooms

We have sophisticated, with all gadgets, in Physics & Chemistry Labs upto PG level.

We have 2 Libraries with latest books and periodicals.

For entertaining & Cultural, the Management has built a huge Auditorium (GYAN BHAVAN) with Central A/C, and with a seating   capacity of 1200 persons.

For meeting & experts lecture we have a special Seminar Hall” in centralized A/c with a seating capacity of 150 persons.

For small meeting or felicitation we have Conference Hall” with central A/c with a seating capacity of 30 persons.

We have separate ‘Computer Lab’ called Computer Centre (Kumbhat Block) with 6 labs fully loaded with latest version of COMPUTER of around 360 Nos. All labs are Air Conditioned.

The whole campus will be green with Avenue trees, and this is maintained by dedicated 8 member gardeners.

The college has separate Visual Communication Department with separate block with all the latest gadgets like Camera, Tripods, Sound Studio, Editing Studio etc.,

The whole college is maintained by 30 strong Housekeeping persons in 2 shifts.

In Main building and Annex block the college has separate Rest rooms for Gents, Ladies and Staffs in each and every pairs.

In Main building and Annex block, the college has commercial RO plant with a capacity of 500 lts/hr, 250/hr and 250 lts/hr v

The college has two canteens, which are also using RO water with a capacity of 500 ltr/hr and 250/hr.

The Main building, we have provided water coolers with a capacity of 160 litres (2 cooling).

In Annex block, we have six sophisticated labs namely,

                                             Micro Processor

                                             Drawing Room

                                            ♦ Textile Lab

                                            Interior Decorative


                                            ♦ Electronic Lab.

The college campus is awaiting the state of the Art Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity of 2000 persons.

The college has a separate Ladies Hostel, with 14 rooms, with modern amenities.

This college has abundant water facilities with 2 field wells and 6 bore wells with separate motors and overhead tanks.

The college is powered by Solar Power System with 2 separate transformers.

  In case of power failure, the college has standby Generator with a capacity of 250KV/Diesel.

  The college has two lifts with a capacity of 8 persons and 5 persons in Main building and Gyan Bhavan respectively.