A.M.Jain College.



CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM: (For all first year students)

The University of Madras has introduced the choice based credit system for all the first year students. The purpose of this system is to encourage students to choose the specific field of study pertaining to their interest. The broad outlines of CBCS are as follows.


I. Language

II. English

III. (a) Major subjects – 2

(b)Allied subjects – 1

IV. (a). Functional Tamil for all students who have not studied Tamil at all

(b). Soft Skills


1. All subjects will have internal assessment for 25 marks and University examination for 75 marks.

2. The internal assessment marks will be based on:

a. Best of 3 written examinations conducted by the college.

b. Two assignments.

3. Attendance should be 60% or above of all classes taken.

4. Any student NOT having 60% attendance will be debarred from writing the University examinations.

5. Participation in NCC/NSS/Sports etc. is compulsory