A.M.Jain College.

Dean’s Message

Dean's Message

A.M.Jain College Shift-II is a Multi-disciplined, multi-faceted Institution that offers excellent academic content combining the popular courses like Commerce, computers science, computer application, Interior Design & Decoration to Tourism and Travel Management & Visual Communication.

The economic development and progress of any nation depends on its higher education system. In the knowledge based economy and knowledge based society only those with the highest skills can advance and progress. Acquiring of conceptual skills, analytical skills, verbal skills, inter personal skills and technical skills is the need of the hour. This is our core focus in Shift-II.

At A.M.Jain College we impact the required skills to enhance the employ-ability of our graduates. We provide meaningful and connected learning experiences that inculcate important values, competencies and skills that will equip our students to face the current global challenges and became successful in the future.

Dr. RAJENDIRAN, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.