About Us

About Us

The Beginning:

In the mid-thirties, three Jain monks Shri.Tarachand Maharaj, Shri.Krishnalal Maharaj and Shri.Sowbhabchand Maharaj visited the then Madras. During their spiritual discourses, they exhorted the Jain community to concentrate on developing education for the Jain community and also for others. Inspired by their exhortation and driven by the Jaina philosophy, the Shree Shewetambar Stanakwasi Jain Educational Society was established in November 1937 and it has since been pursuing this noble goal and has made enormous progress in the field of education and its allied activities.

The modest activities of the Society began in 1937 itself with the starting of two high schools, two primary schools and a Jain boarding home. The need for a college was long felt by the Society and the first impetus towards the fulfillment of the desire was given by Her Holiness Shri. Sayar Kanvarji Maharaj who exhorted the members to take up the noble task of extending the educational activities of the Society by starting a college.

Shri Mohanmullji Chordia along with other generous donors not only from the Jain community but also from the philanthropic south Indians raised funds large enough to meet the requirements of the Madras University to start a college, and the college was appropriately named after the Chief Donor’s ancestor as ‘Agurchand Manmull Jain College’, popularly known as A.M.Jain College. Shri Mohanmullji Chordia was honoured with “PadmaShri” title by the Government of India for his service to the cause of higher education and became PadmaShri Mohanmullji Chordia.

His Excellency Sri.Prakasa, the then Governor of Madras, formally inaugurated the college at 8.15 a.m. on June 25, 1952.

The College had a humble beginning. It was temporarily housed in the Jain Boarding Home at Theagaraya .Nagar, Chennai-17, between June 1952 and June 1954. It was affiliated to the University of Madras. The college had Intermediate Courses and the degree Courses - B.A (Maths), B.A. (Economics) and B.Com was started in 1954.

The college with its first grade status was shifted to its permanent buildings in Meenambakkam in July 1954. The foundation stone of the new building at Meenambakkam was laid by Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, the then Vice-President of India, while Sir.A.Lakshmanasamy Mudaliar of the Madras University, presided over the function.