Core Value, Vision & Mission


The College is a Jain minority institution. It adheres to the Jain ethical, epistemological and metaphysical values. The core value Sa Vidhya Ya Vimukthye – Knowledge Leads to Liberation is in tune with the Jain motto, ‘Parasparo Upagraho Jivanam’ – ‘The function of the soul is to help one another.’ The College’s Vision and Mission are derivatives of this Core Value. The College embraces this Core Value in all of its endeavours. 

To ensure and disseminate quality higher education that is affordableamong all learners in general and among Jain students.


To combine innovation in teaching and zest for learning and usher in academic excellence in every student.

To create and sustain conductive teaching and learning ambience for realization of full potential in the teacher and taught.

To ignite and endow young minds with a deep sense of justice and fairplay, truth and non-violence, patriotism and service.